[11] The Baseball Forum (April 28, 2008 edition)

YAY, more baseball discussion, now with more alcohol!

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[10] My mom is an idiot

I always had this bad feeling that something would happen to the USB adapter for the wireless mouse on my laptop. I was concerned it would accidentally be knocked right out of the port because the adapter protrudes outward.

Lo an behold, my clumsy-ass mom tripped over the power cable for the laptop and knocked it right onto the floor, with the wireless mouse adapter taking much of the impact. The pins and whatever from the adapter are now stuck inside a USB port. And yes, the wireless mouse is now useless.

Good going, dumbfuck. Stupid piece of shit.

Yes, I am mad.

[9] Breakfast of champions?


Let’s wok & roll…

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[8] Carlos Delgado is inferior

(14:41:34) Brian: (14:40:59) Mattea: my father dissed carlos delgado
(14:41:20) Mattea: “i’m 52 and i can have more than 4 hits in 50 at bats”
(14:41:55) John V: LOL mia said the same thing
(14:42:18) Brian: LMAO
(14:42:35) John V: (13:36:59) Mia: I’m a shih-tzu and i could get more RBIs lying on my back pissing straight up in the air

[7] What’s for lunch?

And for the hell of it, the shoes I wore today:

[6] I present to you: The Baseball Forum

The Baseball Forum is a real-time discussion of baseball games involving either the NY Yankees or NY Mets.

Today’s guest is my friend John.

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[5] Take five? No Dave Brubeck or NY Lottery…

With temperatures hitting 77 degrees (Fahrenheit), the weather today was…

Dare I say it?


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