[30] blah blah blah Love Sucks

Yes, it does.

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[29] Dodging a bullet

LOL I admitted in the past that I liked to gamble but this is a time I am glad I didn’t.

Ol’ shit would’ve been disastrous, like the end of the 2007 Mets season.


SSSSSSSSSSSSSSEE YA, this man’s gonna run some laps and shit

The old Brian would’ve been upset and distraught but now I’m feeling like I just won the motherfucking first pick in the NBA Draft Lottery, bitches

/Does the Charleston

See you at sunrise, (insert ethnic slur here)!

[28] So the Sex & The City movie premiere is tonight? [/captain I don’t give a shit]

UGH, I hate everything about Sex & The City so this movie gets 38790285 masturbation gestures out of 10.

If any of you guys see it, it better be because your girlfriends forced you into it.  I will get Kyle Farnsworth to throw a 525,600 MPH fastball at your dicks if you go see this piece-of-shit movie voluntarily.

Yes, I am mad.


Agent Double-O-SIH here with the clandestine candid photography for all y’all in this new feature.

Here we have an Asian girl (center) flanked by two of her Asian guy friends to her right.  When I saw these frolicking friends, first thing I thought was “Y(ou’re)…N(ot)…S(mashing)…” hummed to the tune of that YES Network jingle.  If she is their super best friend, that’s all bueno, but they need to understand that where they were seated is probably about as close as they’re ever gonna get to her.

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[26] There goes the neighborhood…

So this house across the street from me had been for sale and someone finally bought it.

Today a bunch of Chinese guys came to put up a plywood fence around the property.

This can only mean one thing: they’re tearing down the house and a boring-ass in appearance multi-family complex will be built in its place.  There are already 78,927,194,593 of these here already so one more can’t hurt, right?

Whatever does get built better not be a dorm for a certain Catholic university…

[25] If you don’t know who Bob Ross is, I’m gonna have to son you in the face…

(00:04:06) John V: now i am gonna play mario kart
(00:04:13) John V: i changed my online character to bob ross
(00:04:26) John V: and then jason has the nerve to say who is bob ross
(00:04:30) John V: i wanted to smack him

[24] No, I was not browsing tiava.com

Yes, these are all the result of ALLERGIES.  In just under one week, I used up that many tissues because I can’t stop these fucking bouts of sneezing.  Plus, I’ve had this annoying stuffy nose when I wake up in the morning…

BTW: I’m not responsible for any trouble you may get for visiting the aforementioned website in this post’s title.