[44] Behave yourselves

Starting Sunday, I’m going away for three weeks.


I’ll be back sometime around mid-July.


[43] Acclimating to new roles

If I have learned anything in the past 24 hours, it is that adjusting myself to a new role isn’t so bad.

Sometimes in life, there will be circumstances that call for you to do things differently.  It may be awkward and unfamiliar at first, but normalcy will prevail over time.

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[42] My attempt at sunnyside up eggs

So John challenged me to an egg cookoff and lost.

I won by default as he didn’t have fresh eggs on hand, or something.  The winning dish:

If this did not make you have an orgasm, then you have no taste for quality food.  I’ll be so mad that you will make me type so fucking hard I might break my fucking Mac book Air!!!!!*^

* I don’t have a Mac book Air.

^ Kanye West sucks.

I’m going to see the Yankees play the Mets tomorrow at Yankee Stadium.  Root for the good guys: the Yankees.

[41] I hold grudges

It’s true.

Is it a negative trait?  You tell me.

And this story is beginning to give me headaches.  How the hell do I have three different versions of chapter 6?  Chapters 1-5 were pretty easy but I have to figure out where I want to go with chapter 6. Then I can figure out how I want to write the rest of this story from there…

[40] I might have to take care of matters the same way the Toronto Blue Jays did

You know, sweeping personnel changes?

I don’t know why this is always such an issue with me.  But yes, people do need to be shown the door.  They have become too abnormal.

No, I’m not gonna do this in a Omar Minaya/Tony Bernazard/Fred Wilpon kinda way…

And remember this entry? Where I asked if I should move on?  I think I’m going to take the L and man up.  I can’t let a friendship of four-plus years go to waste like that, especially considering how great things were.  I’ll tell her what’s on my mind…

Thanks to those of you who provided your input.  I’ve only come to this conclusion because keeping this grudge is just childish, and I think I am at a stage in life where I’m more comfortable with telling this person how I feel.

P.S. Trying to write an original story is tough.

[39] Playing two* softball games FTW

Great games of softball were played this past Saturday.  I had one good hit in the second game after I could barely find any sort of rhythm in game 1.  I need to work on my hitting, among other things.

Hooray for sore thighs today!

* = there were technically three games but the first was a washout since we lost 13-0 after one inning of play.

[38] So what is Anne Hathaway doing here?

If you had to ask me, I think she is CLEARLY reading a book.  She is trying to read a Magic Eye book and is trying to figure out how there is a sailboat in the center of the image.  The man she is with is calling for help because he can’t see the image.

Wait, you think she’s giving head?  Balderdash!