[53] What the hoof? Horseback riding across the street?

I’ve seen some strange stuff here in Queens before, but this has to top everything.

Yes, it's a horse

Yes, it's a horse

And I could use a new camera…this SD300 has taken one fall too many (word to Gerald Ford)


[52] I felt like writing something at 02:00

Because this summer has been all about accomplishing things, I will attempt to learn how to read, write, and speak Mandarin more fluently by 2009.  Having just a junior high school level of fluency can only get me so far.

As a sign of the times, the Chinese take-out place behind my house increased the prices on their food.  Everything is 25 cents more expensive, though some of the more popular items seem to have gotten slightly higher increases.  It was only a matter of time since the cost of rice and other food was already higher earlier in the year.

I can’t get chicken with broccoli for under five dollars anymore.  T_T

[51] I suck at driving/reflections on the past

Yes, I failed my road test in swift and efficient fashion.  I was hoping I would finish with a score of 70 but I ended up predicting the exact number of points I lost.

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[50] Suicidal (no Sean Kingston)

I hate wasting my 50th post on such a stupid entry, but being bereft of confidence and optimism does amazing things to me.

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[49] Even more debriefing, and other wonderful things

So, as I was reflecting on my trip to Japan and Taiwan, I began to remember more things that made Japan quite, well, awesome.

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[48] The Debrief

I got back from Japan and Taiwan on the 17th.  It was an interesting 12 days abroad in a continent that I had never visited before.

There were good times (word to Delicious Dish) and I met some great people.  More about my trip after the jump.

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[47] Welcome Back (no Mase)

I have returned [/Protoss Dragoon].

It feels good to be home.