[74] Can the Yankees finish last place in the AL East this year?

It’s possible…

What a great season this was.


[73] Start the engine and open the door…

…i’ll jump in at the end of the driveway.

Is this Yankees season over?  It’s getting there.

The death march continues over the weekend; the Yankees have to face A.J. Burnett AND Roy Halladay AGAIN.

And I am likely going to a funeral Thursday.  How apropos.

HOW ABOUT THAT! [/Mel Allen]

(22:15:04) John V: the stadium is dead silent
(22:15:07) John V: it’s over

If John says it’s over, it has to be over.

[72] That’s an expensive piece of…

(20:17:57) Brian: LOL A-Rod is hitting again
(20:18:04) Brian: still a piece of shit, imo
(20:19:19) John V: that’s an expensive piece of shit
(20:19:26) Brian: and length
(20:19:27) Brian: y
(20:19:31) Brian: nine more years of futility
(20:19:55) John V: you’ve mentioned that twice in 2 days…
(20:20:02) John V: he signed a 10 year contract?
(20:20:09) Brian: yes
(20:20:12) John V: wow
(20:20:16) John V: personally i didn’t know
(20:20:22) John V: wow, what a mistake
(20:20:28) Brian: in retrospect
(20:20:34) Brian: of course its always easier to see things in retrospect
(20:20:36) Brian: i wish he had walked
(20:20:43) Brian: and maybe flounder in Florida
(20:20:49) Brian: or some other bullshit small-market team
(20:21:02) John V: calling him the best baseball player is a disrespect to the title “best baseball player”
(20:21:07) Brian: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

[71] Because I know people who love Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera

These are their pictures from the 1993 Yankees Yearbook.  They were in the prospects section.

[70] These probably aren’t the best headphones, but I do like the creativity

A bunch of Sony earphones arranged to look like the NYC Subway map.

no, these headphones only come in black. I guess

no, these headphones only come in black. I guess

Isn’t it amazing?

[69] Good Moleman in the Morning to you, too

I’m trying to write a story that may or may not be published in the future.  It’s 03:08 EDT and I figure I should try to entertain you people instead of trying to get some sleep.

So, tonight (or today) I bring you a special joint entry between me and ISAAC LOPEZ.

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[68] Hold your nose, the paint is still fresh

Yes, a new layout.  I’m still figuring out how I want the colors to be, so the site may change in appearance.

Nothing else to report.

Edit: (20:47) Okay, I added a calendar on the side.  I think I’m content with the layout now but I wish I had an ability to alter the fonts.

No more custom headers.  Works for me; they were a headache to make sometimes.