[86] Ball game over, regular season over…

Yankees finish a “respectable” 89-73 after they finally started to play better when the games no longer mattered.

Both NY-based baseball teams aren’t going to the postseason…not too upset about that, really.

Since I am not as fanatical about the other NY sports, it’s going to be a long winter…

April 2009 can’t come soon enough…


[85] There WILL be no postseason baseball in NYC this year

Take that, Mets fans!

[84] There should be no postseason baseball in NYC this year

If the Yankees couldn’t make it, the Mets shouldn’t make it, either.

Yes, I’m salty.

I hope the Brewers can somehow pull it off against Chicago while Florida pulls out a miracle against the Mets tomorrow.  And of course, Philadelphia has to win their games.

Should be a very interesting weekend…

[83] An epic commute into the city

I had a rather epic commute into the city Thursday morning. This is best read with a Howie Rose voice.

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[82] Blogging on the road

I am at John’s place right now blogging this superb late-night entry.

We think something is going on in the apartment building across the street.

LOL like you want to know what could be happening.


To be continued?

Oh yeah, I went to see the Yankees on Friday night.  Sat in Section 39, where the REAL FANS sit.  Pics later.

[81] Isn’t it amazing?

A pity she and I couldn’t work out together.

While I suspect she now wants to avoid me forever, I’d like to thank her for the good times we did have.

Why did it not work out?

I don’t know.  Your guess is as good as mine.  I guess I just didn’t bring enough to the table.  My approach wasn’t good, I made some bad mistakes here and there.

She probably wasn’t looking for a guy like me.  What a pity.  She sure enjoyed sharing a laugh many times.  She liked to laugh at my jokes, or at the funny things I used to say.

It baffles me, it really does.  Four years down the drain, just like that.

Why do I bring this up?  Perhaps as a vain attempt to put this in the books for good, to move on with life finally.

But I had a dream last night where she was in it.  A very odd and random dream (like many of the dreams I have) that featured me and her together.

We were in some sort of apartment or dorm room together, if memory serves me correctly.  No, there was nothing you would see on Cinemax late night.  ::Waits for readers to put their Astroglide, KY, and/or Jergens away::  The thing I remember most was how happy she seemed to be.  She had a smile on her face; so did I.  I guess we were happy to be living together, or something.  Who knows?

I suspect she wants nothing to do with me anymore because she’s gone poof for a while now (getting on her Jack Bauer grind, it seems) and even just trying to say hi to her online or through other means would involve too much of an effort with an ever-decreasing and diminishing return.

Pretty much, yeah.  But don’t worry, I still have my head up high.  I know what I have to do, and it does NOT involve looking into a mirror (word to Stuart Smalley).

Oh well, I should just end this post on a high note.  I present to you: GRACE O’CONNOR!

<——– Now isn’t that amazing?

[80] Facebook knew what they were doing, knew what they were getting themselves into, and still managed to piss off a few people

How about that!

So Facebook concocted this new layout recently that has people up in arms over the internets.  Just check out the status messages of your friends and there should be plenty of “OMG THIS NEW LAYOUT SUCKS,” “bring the old facebook back,” “why did they change it,” and so on and so forth.  Give yourself bonus points if your friends still don’t know how to format status messages properly (BREAKING NEWS: YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORD “IS”) but I guess they get a free pass if they update their statuses via Twitter.

Still, why complain?  It’s not like this change was brought on without warning.  Have any of you not noticed the “Try the new Facebook” button that adorned the top of your pages for the past month?  You really thought a bunch of groups and petitions were going to make Facebook change their minds?

Well, it has worked before, right?

I guess not this time.

But yes, you were all given a month to feel out the new look and to give it a test drive (NOT metaphors for dating in this case).  That span of time was supposed to be spent on familiarizing yourself with the new interface and perhaps to report any bugs and problems to Facebook.  But it seems people took “reporting problems” to mean “YA LETS MAKE EMO STATUS MESSAGES HATING ON THE NEW FACEBOOK SO I CAN SHOW MY RAGE.”  Simply stunning.

If you can familiarize yourselves with “New Facebook” within a week (when you already had, like, a month to do just that), more power to you.