[96] A Gem from a wall inside a MEN’S ROOM somewhere in the west…

I think this was from a MEN’S ROOM somewhere in Wyoming.

It was from 2005 but I guess things like this are timeless?

Here, feast on the interior of the Wynn, which I guess was a WIN, HAR HAR HAR SNORT

Oh, how I miss the days when my Canon Powershot SD300 actually took nice pictures.  Nowadays, it’s more of a Canon PowerSNOT, lawlz

And lastly, because conversations with ISAAC LOPEZ always exchange comedic Californium:

(23:13:16) Brian: im going threough some old pics
(23:13:18) Brian: i took from 2005
(23:13:24) Brian: around the time my camera was still new
(23:13:28) Brian: and not as old as John McCain
(23:13:44) Brian: and i have to say my Canon Powershot SD300 used to take some ni-i-i-i-i-ice pics
(23:14:08) Brian: [/Dominick voice]
(23:14:13) Isaac: LOL


[95] Olympic How Close the Tasks Can Get Without Touching

Isaac always comes through in the clutch with the lol inspiration.

So interning today was some serios business.  I had to backup some photos that were uploaded to accompany deal stories…there are, like, probably 100+ of these things…i could only get to maybe 1/3 of the total (and that’s a generous estimate) so someone is likely going to have to help out with this tomorrow.

Then, I had to do a bunch of cold-calling (on a cold day, as well—HAR HAR HAR ::cue shark laugh from Strange Wilderness)…there was this contest (no Seinfeld) where these kids have a chance to win $500 (that can buy you Oriental Avenue FIVE times!) for writing an essay describing a memorable trip or vacation.  High school transcripts were needed just so we know these “kids” really aren’t just older-aged men looking for young thrills.

After making many phone calls, I had to make some more to PR firms in order to confirm that our contact information was still up to date.  Now, I have over 9000 tasks at hand tomorrow, but there will be more interns in to tackle them.

Expect a change to happen in this blog in a few days…

[94] How about that! The Phillies are your world champs!

The thought of a long, VERY SALTY winter for Mets fans is nothing short of a delight (but hey, all that salt should keep their sidewalks free of ice).

Some Mets fans have been complaining about Citizens Bank Park being a “bandbox” (because the fences aren’t that far away from home plate, making home runs easier to hit) and I guess they have a point.  This right here has to be the most convincing argument I’ve heard.  Check it out.

No, it doesn’t matter that the Yankees didn’t make it to the World Series, either.  It is completely IRRELEVANT!  [Eudora Welty belch]

[93] Brian: 1, History Channel: 0

So ads for History Channel’s “Cities of the Underworld” have been increasing in number just like the number of illigitimate child births.  There’s no way to hide from them. Read the rest of this entry »


I am currently experimenting with a variation of my current layout.  It is predominantly red (yes Phillies) as opposed to that (Eagles) teal-like color I had going previously.

In case any of you saw something totally different earlier, I was experimenting with a different layout because I wanted to have an image header again.  But I didn’t like the fixed width it had, so I went back to the old layout but changed the colors to the ones you see now.

Yes, I wish I had something better to talk about on a Sunday.  Sorry to disappoint.

[91] Rollin’ up my sleeves (no Jim Cramer)

So I had a chat with someone the other night and the topic of room-cleaning came up.

(23:50:48) Brian: i wished i could invite ppl over to my house but the place is a mess
(23:51:05) Wendy: haha so pull up ur sleeves and clean up!
(23:51:15) Brian: one of these days

So here I am cleaning.  I can’t believe there was so much shit that I hoarded needlessly (notes and HW from 2003?  [Jim Cramer]GSIFL SHTIUERUELRHUILHRUIH@!#~#!@!#!#~~!!!!!!!!!1[/Jim Cramer] ).

The room is still a mess now but I just need to rearrange some stuff.  Of curious note, I cannot find a lot of my winter clothes—many of my sweatshirts have gone missing and I don’t know where they could have ended up in.

In the meantime, I’m having LOTS OF SPAGHETTI for lunch.

[90] A small excuse for an update

The job market has been sucking more than Jessie Rosario (yes, I went there).

But it’s not sucking to the point I have Goya vomited all over me (yes, I went there).

Nevertheless, I am still waiting for the opportunity to end this year on a high note where I can act out tigerwoodsfistpump.gif with no qualms.

P.S. I need to start working out again.  [Jim Cramer]YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BAD IT IS OUT THERE, NO IDEA! [/Jim Cramer]