[111] Yes, I am trying to write a book (roll up your sleeves)

Yes, I am being quite serious.

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[110] eBay Feedback of the Week

This will be a new feature for the blog.

Every week, I will comb eBay to find the most ridiculous positive feedback left and I will post it here.

This week’s winner:


As Isaac and I discussed last night, these feedbacks can be read in that high-pitched voice stating the obvious for more win points.

P.S. Stay warm.  I’m getting tired of reading about girls who aren’t hearty enough to stay healthy when the temperatures are ONLY 35 degrees.  If anything, don’t drop dead when the temperatures are below 20.

[109] Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high…

What I saw on my way to my internship on Friday morning:

rainbow_103stWe should take some time out of our busy lives to stop and observe the beautiful things…

And if you know what the title of this entry refers to, give yourself a pat on the back.

[108] Somewhere out there, a pervert is crying

Autumn is in full swing and winter is just around the corner.

Yep, this means more clothes and layers.

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[107] If we’re supposed to be nice, why do nice guys finish last?

The nice guy lets others walk all over him.  He doesn’t complain.

There is some pain.  He doesn’t mind the pain, the embarrassment, or the ridicule.  He is willing to sacrifice for the one he loves.

He wants to see her smile.  At the end of the day, this is what matters.

The bad guy walks over others who seek to walk over him.  Using intimidation and fear, he keeps others at bay.

But we all know what happens when you pour gasoline (no Daddy Yankee) all over a bridge and then flick a lit cigarette onto the deck, right?

This is some pain.  He doesn’t mind the pain, or so he thinks.  But little by little, things fall down, like leaves from a tree.  Links disintegrate.  Connections become irreparable.

He is not willing to sacrifice.  But ironically enough, he sacrifices unknowingly and unwillingly.  Where have all those friends gone?  Where is the love?

Where do you see yourself?

[106] Did MSG+ and the Islanders take a shot at CBS’s Monday night lineup?

You cannot be serious!

It’s this on-air promo for the Islanders-Canucks game Monday night and the voiceover guy says something like “I don’t care how you met your mother or a show about two guys and a boy…you can just watch 20 men on the ice.”

“How I Met Your Mother” and “Two and a Half Men” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Islanders hockey.

THEY HAVE NO IDEA!  [/Jim Cramer]

[105] Dodging Bullets (word to Obama’s possible/definite gun control laws)

  • I was inspired by a series of themed posts by Ayyyyyyyyyyyybe where he made the entry into a canvas—creative writing at its finest.
  • I thought: why don’t I try something like this?
  • Instead of using ellipses, I will use bullet points, because we all love bullets.
  • I’m having a ridiculously giant cup of coffee right about now.
  • And of course, it is CAWW-FEE, not CAH-FEE.  If you wanna live in New York for a few years, learn how to say “coffee” properly, and with some conviction.
  • “Ridiculously giant cup” is a relative term.
  • I sure miss being able to use profanity…
  • I went to Bryant Park last night with Isaac (not to be mistaken for ICY) to watch the ice skaters.  Every year, Bryant Park turns into a skating rink and people of all ages can come skate and potentially make fools of themselves as they fall buttocks-first on the ice.
  • The ice was more watery than…icey.
  • There was some guy skating in a tuxedo.  Isaac and I were hoping he would not fall.  Why?  Do we need to see a $82,023 tuxedo get wet?  Come on!
  • Last I checked, $82,023 can get you 7/9 of a P’Zone.
  • I didn’t see anyone I know at Bryant Park last night.  I was hoping to see two people in particular because laughing at them as they fell would have been so satisfying (yes Touissant).
  • It’s hard for me to wish for these two people to do well in the future.  Sure, it’s not fair to wish them bad luck just because things between me and them did not end as well as I had hoped.
  • But, do I care?  I do—albeit a little.
  • If I can prosper while they struggle, that’s all the closure I need.
  • Does it smell like the salty seas?  It just might be.
  • Songs by ISHIKAWA Chiaki (石川智晶) are quite good to listen to.
  • “Uninstall,” “Utsukushi Kereba Sore de Ii,” and “Vermillion” are particularly good.
  • The video for “Utsukushi Kereba Sore de Ii” implies a girl-girl relationship.
  • Hey, it’s better than anything by Rihanna.
  • I’m almost done with the coffee.
  • I should try to continue writing my story…
  • I’m done with my coffee.