[123] A post that will explain more about why 2008 sucked

Gather the kettlecorn,  kids…

I might as well be a little less nebulous with my stunning (lol) condemnation of 2008 being a sucky year.

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[122] Obligatory post about 2008

Spoiler: It sucked.

[121] So I finally realized that this recession is serious business!

Tell me why Queens Center Mall and Queens Place were both CLOSED at 20:30 (8:30PM for you infidels) on Christmas (bolded for Ramona) Eve.

So much for giving shoppers a chance to make some last-minute purchases.

Sales at various stores must have been really bad.  The Flushing Macy’s was allegedly open over night tonight and last night.  But I still think it’s pretty sad that the owners of Queens Center and Queens Place (unless they are the same person or group?) decided to close their respective establishments because keeping them open the night before CHRISTMAS was not cost-effective.

[sarcasm]Don’t worry, kids!  Barack Obama will diddy-bop his way into the White House, say a few words with LOTS of inflection and emphasis, and make this recession magically disappear! [/sarcasm]

[120] What did I say about compounding failures?

Didn’t get the job…great way to start the weekend.

HOWEVER I won’t be spending my weekend worrying about the job!  A minor positive.

Full-time novel-writing is what will keep me busy for the rest of this calendar year and for much of 2009…

[119] Once you lose her, she is gone forever.

My life can be summed up by the title.

Now I just have to deal with compounding failures for (presumably) the rest of my life.

This isn’t fun.  Even if I don’t need a jacket, or lots of spaghetti, it isn’t fun.

[118] Because I cannot post material that is more substantive or relevant.

(23:03:40) Jason B: LOL the streets will be real salty soon.

(23:04:05) Brian: john got his joke in long before you did lulz
(23:04:07) Brian: (22:59:51) John V: are you ready for the snow tomorrow
(22:59:56) John V: i’m sure you have plenty of salt
(23:00:01) Brian: /rimshot
(23:04:26) Jason B: LOL we’re awful
(23:04:43) Brian: ^^^

[117] CC Mania

(01:34:17) Mattea: my dad wonders if the yankees will “let him wear his cap to the side”
(01:34:47) Mattea: i don’t think they care that much
(01:35:03) Mattea: i also heard that he was tested positive
(01:35:08) Mattea: for ice cream
(01:35:10) Brian: LMAO