[149] Things may be on the upswing

I have an interview to go to this coming Wednesday. I’m strongly crossing my fingers hoping for something good, but I am not crossing them to the point I cut off circulation to my fingers.


[148] A handwritten blog entry

I handwrote this.  There is a reason.  Just read.

[147] A Treatise on Communication (vol. how to survive in New York and not sound like a tourist)

So I have been watching Youtube videos about American accents and felt somewhat inspired to teach some of you/yous the facets of speaking New York English.

By “New York,” I am obviously talking about New York City and Nassau and Suffolk counties.  As many New Yorkers are concerned, NYC and those other two counties in Long Island could probably secede from the union and become the 51st state.  Plus, the rest of New York has the kind of English you would hear more frequently in western Connecticut and in the mid-Atlantic region.  In other words, this entry isn’t about them.

One thing I have to make clear is that many New York accents you see on TV or in the movies are exaggerated.  Many times it just involves the actor trying too hard.  Some are able to pull it off flawlessly.

And then others think New Yorkers still talk like New Yorkers of the early 1900s, or anyone who had just got off Ellis Island.  BZZZ—NEWSFLASH: we don’t say “SOICH” instead of “search” nor do we say “SOITANTLY” instead of “certainly.”  Hell, you can barely find any New Yorkers who say words like this.

Firstly, we do pronounce some names differently.

Tremont: in NY it is TREE-mont while in Boston it is treh-mont.  Not as much stress on the first syllable and they certainly don’t make the first syllable sound like “TREE.”  How wicked.

Houston: HOUSE-tun.  OMG^9001 if you need to go to Houston St in Manhattan, please do not get the pronounciation wrong.  It is always HOUSE-tun, not HYOO-stun.  Pronounce it like the latter and you’ll be branded a tourist for life.

Secondly, public transportation.

As New Yorkers are (stereotypically) always in a rush, we like to keep details short and to the point.

Hey, you going anywhere?
Yeah, got some stuff downtown.
How will you get there?
Just gotta take the train down.

Okay, note that the “train” is mentioned.  Here’s the thing (at least from my knowledge) : the Subway is usually just known as “the train.”  It doesn’t matter what line you take; you can simply say “train” and people will get the point.  We do not say “Tube.”  We do not say “Metro.”  We sometimes say “Subway.”  We usually say “train.”

Now, if you have to refer to a specific destination, then perhaps you can say which train you will take (I have to take the A downtown) along with the destination (I gotta take it to Fulton St).  NEVER CALL THE SUBWAY LINES BY THEIR COLORS.  They are not the red, blue, yellow, brown trains—this isn’t ******* DC or Boston or Chicago.  Refer to the trains by their letters or numbers.

Now, there are other trains that run.  There is the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and there is also PATH (which serves wonderful destinations in the wonderful state of New Jersey).  They usually tend to just be referred to as “train” as well, though PATH rhymes with “path” so people call it by that name.

The Long Island Rail Road is known as “the L-I Double-R” or “the LURR” because that is the best way to pronounce the acronym LIRR.  I personally prefer “L-I Double-R” as it sounds far less pretentious than “LURR.”

As for buses, similar rules apply.  You could simply say “I have to take the bus” or refer to a specific route and/or destination.

The bus routes in NYC have a letter (or letters for the Bronx routes because theirs have “Bx”) prefixing the number.  You can choose either to include it (I have to take the M1 downtown) or you *could* get away without saying it (I have to take the 1 bus; I have to catch the 104).  See, I live near a bus called the Q17—in conversation, I tend to refer to it as “the 17.”  If I am conversing with other Queens residents, they usually immediately assume I am talking about the Q17 and don’t have to ask me.

That’s it for now.  We shall see if I want to continue this feature.

[146] I have been doing a little bit of soul searching

Self-improvement for the hopeful win.

Like I have said and alluded to, I have always been my own obstacle.  I’ve figured out what has been keeping me from enjoying life to its fullest.

This will be change I can believe in.

In before references to failed stimulus plans and chimpanzees getting shot.


[145] A Debbie Downer of a day

I live vicariously through other people’s dogs, so reading this really broke my heart.

A Chow Chow puppy belonging to Martha Stewart died in a kennel fire over the weekend.


Now that I have undoubtedly ruined your days, try to enjoy what’s left of them.


[144] Daylight Savings Time (LOL Americans)

Dietrich commands you!

[143] The entry that is not about AOL slang from 1999

You get over 9000 kudos if you understand the reference in the title.

Another entry with no real content, other than this picture.

I didn’t draw it.  I just colored it.

Fake edit: I’d smash… =X