[160] Bitchy girls should never be surprised when they are single

Since my facebook status about bitchy girls proved to be unusually popular, I might as well talk about it in greater detail.

This post will contain strong language.  Viewer discretion is advised.

So I was talking to some bitch over the weekend thinking that it was a good way to catch up on things.

Wow, what a mistake that turned out to be.

It’s funny when she goes into diatribes about me and about things I do, as if she is Miss Perfect.  Or when she gets on her little high horse thinking she is right with no real rationale.

And it’s funny when she brings up things to me that happened two years ago; why wait two years to tell me something I should know?

It’s also funny when she is critical of me being too formal and that I shouldn’t treat a conversation like a business transaction.  First of all, I don’t know what formalities she is complaining about but I do try to respect the person I’m talking to.  If someone is taking the time out of his or her life to be a listener, I should extend the same courtesy, in my opinion.  But, for whatever reason, she has a problem with this.

I suppose she’d rather have me be critical of how she is a complete bitch and a fat cunt—despite all the exercising she does.  I guess she’d rather have me belittle her and treat her like the piece of shit because doing so would require no formalities.  I’d probably make her cry within 9.001 seconds, assuming she is very emotionally fragile behind that ghastly front she puts up.

You know, if you act this way to every guy you come across, it shouldn’t be a surprise you’re still single.  No one wants to date a girl like you with a dump truck’s worth of sand in your vagina.  Cut out your fucking tough girl act, and maybe cut some pounds off your waist at the same time.  Just be aware that giving everyone an attitude won’t help you lose weight; proper eating habits and exercise are the keys to that.

By the way, she also has a friend who is just as bitchy as she is and, not surprisingly, is single as well.  Her attitude is just as bad, if not worse.  Birds of a feather really do flock together, don’t they?  As for what kind of bird, most likely an ugly one.  [John Sterling]Obviously…[/John Sterling]

Nice guys may finish last but being a pompous asshole to everyone you meet will not put you across the finish line first.


One Response to “[160] Bitchy girls should never be surprised when they are single”

  1. ram0na th3 brav3 Says:

    I actually found this funny…

    To be honest, you should tell her all of this… take her down a peg or two

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