[166] Ever get the feeling that you cannot do everything you wanted in a single day?

It’s how I feel right now.

There is so much I want to do and I can’t fathom how I could complete everything.

There is the quest for employment, the quest to become better with Photoshop, the quest to want to be a better artist (haven’t been doing much actually), the quest to be a better overall writer, the quest to improve my two or three other unfinished stories, and the quest to be a better person overall.

I think I think too much.  I spend so much time trying to do too much at once that I cannot get anything done.

On the one hand I am keeping myself busy…but how is that I haven’t accomplished anything?


[165] Another entry that is probably better off not being made

(15:03:53) Me: i hear youre getting new internets
(15:03:54) Me: congrats
(15:03:59) Michelle: yep
(15:04:04) Michelle: already got it
(15:04:09) Me: oh my goodness gracious
(15:04:11) Michelle: gonna be playing with it tonight
(15:04:19) Me: that sounds dirty
(15:04:35) Michelle: lol its meant to sound dirty
(15:04:38) Me: hahaha nice