[173] Look at what this person said

Stephanie (00:53:26): look at what this dumbass said- SocialInterview.com asked me “How likely is […] to win an Oscar?”
I answered ”Likely. Shes got an eye for beauty”
Stephanie (00:53:35): i’m not sure she knows what an oscar is
Brian (00:53:37): LOL!
Stephanie (00:53:46): ugh
Stephanie (00:53:48): people

[172] Merry Christmas

This year had its obstacles but some good things happened and this year might actually end on a high note (for once).

To get you all up to speed, I have finally found a job in late September after being unemployed for more than a year.  It was a tough journey for me, having been shot down after so many interviews.  But no matter how dire things were, I knew I could not give up and it paid off.

I’ve gotten closer with friends (you know who you are) and I now know who I should keep close.  You are foolish to think if the number of friends you have actually improves your reputation amongst your peers.

Despite the positives, there were some negative occurrences sprinkled in between.  I know that things happen for a reason and that the ends will justify the means, even if it takes years for that to happen.

As we march on towards 2010, I hope that things in life can continue to improve and that I can continue to mature and grow.

Enjoy your Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate it.

[171] My RSS updated just for this?

brian (01:15:09): lol i remember you saying her name Wendy sucks
Steph (01:16:21): it does
Steph (01:16:29): she should consider changing it
Steph (01:16:44): but it fits the rest of her
Steph (01:16:52): it sucks
Steph (01:16:54): hahaha