[175] Welcome to Fecesbook!

This was a rant I had typed on Facebook in response to a third-party application that allows the user—once he or she downloads it—to find out who visits his/her page each day.  Wow, what happened to privacy?

Naturally, I was unhappy about all this and even more unhappy to find out this nonsense is popular among those in high school or college but who have the mental capacity of kids in a day-care center.

Time to tell you why I’m mad.

People give us glances and stares in every day life all the time—does that mean we want to know their names, friends, family, job, location, and everything between next of kin and who they last slept with?  And by people, I mean just general strangers—the ones who sit across from you on the bus or subway one morning and you never see them again.  This has nothing to do with creepy stalkers.

On facebook, people will see your profile pic and will just give the Internet’s equivalent to a passing glance.  Various people may check out our profiles at any time; do I want to know more about them?  Absolutely not.

But yet since it’s on facebook, there is a demand to know everything about this person?  Why do we have a bigger impetus to care on facebook yet have little to no interest if it happens in the outside world?  Yes, an actual world exists outside the Internet, where you interact with people face to face and conversations are not confined to rooms that feature lowercase letters of the English alphabet.

So why is there a need to want to know EVERYTHING about people who visit other facebook profiles?  Do we want to gain satisfaction that some hot girl looked at your page?  Newsflash: it doesn’t increase the chances she will jump into your pants.

Go ahead, pre-teens: keep making facebook into fecesbook.

Cliffs: Misaka says "YOU MAD"


One Response to “[175] Welcome to Fecesbook!”

  1. ram0na th3 brav3 Says:

    Facebook is turning into the new MySpace. I liked it better when you had to be connected to an institution of higher learning to join facebook.

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