[176] If you need instructions on how to live, check out the enclosed instruction book!

Rules: they govern how to play games and they govern our lives.  Funny how we are encouraged to be ourselves but if doing so results in rules being broken, we are then reprimanded.

How are we to live?

We often encounter people we dislike in our lives—and we are expected to grin and bear it.

We do something nice and the favor isn’t returned—and that is something we are supposed to accept.

I think you can see where I am going with this.

You cannot believe how many times I’ve just wanted to really reprimand friends of mine for doing things or saying things that really bothered me but I could not because the “rules” of society say you can’t do that.

It just seems society punishes those who do not want to adhere to social norms—as if those who think outside of the box are to be thrown inside a cage.

But I guess you can still live your life…but only in the ways everyone else wants you to.