[180] Perdition Crisis?

I apologize for these entries becoming more and more infrequent.  I haven’t had the time and energy to blog and there haven’t been new things worth writing about.

Work has been taking a toll on me.  The daily grind leaves me feeling like I need 15 hrs of sleep.

Of course there are always those moments I want to beat myself up for wasting my childhood achieving the wrong goals.  There are times I wish I could chastise myself for being my own obstacle.

After another brutal loss with my company’s softball team, I sat alone on the subway ride home and reflected.  Despite a handful of good things happening in the game, we still lost by a tremendous margin and I had some really bad at-bats.

Don’t you ever wish there were times you could achieve so much more?  How you want to be the object of praise but you can’t because you just aren’t good enough to live up to what your colleagues, acquaintances, friends expect?

I wish I had better stuff to share but I don’t.


2 Responses to “[180] Perdition Crisis?”

  1. Mo Rocking Says:

    Sometimes it’s best just to unleash those feelings instead of leaving them bottled up, and I don’t think there’s “better stuff” than that, on a personal level.

    • Brian Says:

      I can’t deny that there is a dearth of happy-themed entries, lol

      This month has taken a downturn and the past few months haven’t been so rosy either.

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