[181] Something can be said about good music

It really doesn’t matter what genre it falls under or who made it, sang it, or arranged it.


It’s all about the individual joy.


It’s the mood it gives you.  It’s how it makes you feel when you connect a song, a verse, a piece of the instrumental track to an event in your life, whether it be important or mundane.


You can pretty much do whatever you want with whatever song you listen to.


Not everyone will see eye to eye (or hear ear to ear?) with you but music is ultimately what you make of it.


Put that song on repeat, enjoy every track of that album, and happily spend those two hours and 12 minutes listening to a playlist from top to bottom…and have no remorse doing it all over again.


Just do you.


Album cover for XL Project's "RE:COLLECTIONS"

Album cover to RE:COLLECTIONS, a two-disc compilation whose second disc has been my music of choice for the week. It's been soothing for my arduous morning commute and for hellish periods of work where I needed something to maintain my sanity.


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