[182] Looking ahead

As this calendar year draws to a close, I am already looking ahead to next year, 2011.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this year. I had always said that life was one’s greatest teacher; this adage proved to be extremely truthful and hurtful recently.

Life really is never easy. Sure, it would be nice if it could be predictable and everything you wished to happen did.  But it’s naive to think it could ever be simple.

Life is all about learning. Life tends not to hold anything back. You get the full force and impact of its “lessons” without any option to mute, censor, or fast-forward like you’re watching a DVD or a show saved on your DVR.

Thus, I have come up with a resolution for next year that will also serve as a personal motto and mission.

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[177] Yes, I haven’t written in a while

So…I might just have a guest contributor here and there…so don’t be surprised if you see a post by a different author.

Anyone interested can ask me…and I guess we can figure it out from there.

[169] Tommy! Everyone knows you ain’t GOT NO JOB!


No longer will I have to think of that line from “Martin” anymore.  I start working on Tuesday.

Time to get those low-key celebrations going…

[161] Wow, a yard sale!

It’s a lie; there is no yard sale.

Haven’t been blogging in a while.  Lots of things have happened but I’m not in a mood to tell all yet.

So just go ahead and kick yourself for wasting time.

[158] This is when you all start to become fans of the Ford Taurus

I’d like to take this time to welcome Chris to the shining force.

New blog, nice!

[104] Yes, this site is going SFW

Retroactive to two weeks ago, this site will be safe-for-work (SFW).

The last thing anyone needs right now, with over 9000 layoffs happening everywhere, is to get fired because he kept on watching Jenna Haze’s first (insert grotesque act of depositing something inside something else) when he should’ve been inputting data in rows and cells in Microsoft Excel.  Come on!

So, I will try my darndest not to use gratuitous profanity.  Instead, you will see a bunch of alternative words that are appropriate for all the Ned Flanders-types out there.

How about that!

This blog will be interesting to read in the next few weeks.

Imagine a world where we all become Tommy from Martin (lol economy).  It could happen…

[98] ANNOUNCEMENT: layout revision

Because no one asked me to, I changed the colors back to how they were before.

How about that!

/shower of over 9000 strands of spaghetti