[159] The Mets must feel pretty bad about themselves…

Losing two out of three to the Yankees via blowout and via error (a rather terrible error on a play that is pretty much routine) must be a dreadful feeling for the club.  Plus, given all the injuries they’ve had, they should be happy Yankee Stadium exceeds standards for handicap accessibility.

But this series still hid the fact the Yankees are far from perfect.  Saturday was an example of typical Yankee baseball against a pitcher they’ve never seen; they don’t hit the ball, they swing wildly, they don’t take pitches, and as a result, they made Fernando Nieve look like some genetically-engineered pitcher made from the remains of Cy Young and Grover Cleveland Alexander and from the ghosts of Mark Prior’s and Kerry Wood’s careers.

Monday is an off day for both teams.  At least the Mets won’t be able to lose in such painful fashion.


[117] CC Mania

(01:34:17) Mattea: my dad wonders if the yankees will “let him wear his cap to the side”
(01:34:47) Mattea: i don’t think they care that much
(01:35:03) Mattea: i also heard that he was tested positive
(01:35:08) Mattea: for ice cream
(01:35:10) Brian: LMAO

[116] Take THAT, Mets fans with diabetes!

So, one day after Mets fans collectively passed out and bought up shares of Jergens when the Mets had announced their signing of Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez, the Yankees ensured the Mets will remain the second-class baseball team in New York that will forever be relegated to the remote corners of the sports pages.

The Yankees are supposedly very close to signing CC Sabathia to a ginormous deal. I guess enough money was thrown at Sabathia to calm any concerns he and his wife had about moving to New York.

Of course, it is imperative that he lives up to expectations and that he can outshine that other big-name ace pitcher who the Yankees failed to acquire last year and who now plays for the Mets.

[74] Can the Yankees finish last place in the AL East this year?

It’s possible…

What a great season this was.

[73] Start the engine and open the door…

…i’ll jump in at the end of the driveway.

Is this Yankees season over?  It’s getting there.

The death march continues over the weekend; the Yankees have to face A.J. Burnett AND Roy Halladay AGAIN.

And I am likely going to a funeral Thursday.  How apropos.

HOW ABOUT THAT! [/Mel Allen]

(22:15:04) John V: the stadium is dead silent
(22:15:07) John V: it’s over

If John says it’s over, it has to be over.

[72] That’s an expensive piece of…

(20:17:57) Brian: LOL A-Rod is hitting again
(20:18:04) Brian: still a piece of shit, imo
(20:19:19) John V: that’s an expensive piece of shit
(20:19:26) Brian: and length
(20:19:27) Brian: y
(20:19:31) Brian: nine more years of futility
(20:19:55) John V: you’ve mentioned that twice in 2 days…
(20:20:02) John V: he signed a 10 year contract?
(20:20:09) Brian: yes
(20:20:12) John V: wow
(20:20:16) John V: personally i didn’t know
(20:20:22) John V: wow, what a mistake
(20:20:28) Brian: in retrospect
(20:20:34) Brian: of course its always easier to see things in retrospect
(20:20:36) Brian: i wish he had walked
(20:20:43) Brian: and maybe flounder in Florida
(20:20:49) Brian: or some other bullshit small-market team
(20:21:02) John V: calling him the best baseball player is a disrespect to the title “best baseball player”
(20:21:07) Brian: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

[11] The Baseball Forum (April 28, 2008 edition)

YAY, more baseball discussion, now with more alcohol!

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