[130] A culinary Hindenburg

So I’m cooking some macaroni now.  Tried to stir in the sauce power but I did it too early and now I have a pot full of epic fail.  I think I put in too much water again…

At least this will taste very cheesy.  :(

16:45 update: Okay, so I put on my Mariano Rivera mask and saved the macaroni (somewhat).  Poured in some rotini and a little more milk to try to thicken the watery sauce.  Then I poured in some basil and some Purdue oven-roasted turkey.  It tastes marginally better but it is still not something I would make for a group of people.


[18] 2days1entry

Two days worth of food-related stuff will be in one entry.

There’s no chocolate ice cream or syrup…

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[9] Breakfast of champions?


Let’s wok & roll…

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[7] What’s for lunch?

And for the hell of it, the shoes I wore today:

[4] Was it a five or was it a ten? (no “hot-or-not” scale)

My carbon monoxide detector goes off this morning (see entry #3) and I had an awkward moment at the Chinese take-out place just before I wrote this entry. What is with all these bizarre happenings?

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