[175] Welcome to Fecesbook!

This was a rant I had typed on Facebook in response to a third-party application that allows the user—once he or she downloads it—to find out who visits his/her page each day.  Wow, what happened to privacy?

Naturally, I was unhappy about all this and even more unhappy to find out this nonsense is popular among those in high school or college but who have the mental capacity of kids in a day-care center.

Time to tell you why I’m mad.

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[170] Oh, you poor stories…

Remember those stories I was writing?

Maybe you don’t, but whatever.

I don’t know what to do with them anymore.  It’s a literary hot mess.


[160] Bitchy girls should never be surprised when they are single

Since my facebook status about bitchy girls proved to be unusually popular, I might as well talk about it in greater detail.

This post will contain strong language.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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[155] [Drogba] IT’S A DISGRACE! IT’S A F___ING DISGRACE! [/Drogba]

I mean, that could describe the Yankees season so far…bipolar baseball at its finest.

What?  You didn’t think I could make a reference to Chelsea?

[150] Twitter and FMyLife are two of the lamest sites on the Internet.

[Principal Skinner] Prove me wrong, kids! Prove me wrong! [/Principal Skinner]

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[139] Fuck the profanity ban

I have grown tired of false hopes.

I don’t want any of your fucking pity or any of your fucking semantic bullshit.  It has never helped and it never will.

Asian girls are stupendous idiots.  Nearly all of them.  For every Asian girl who is sweet and charming…well, each one of those girls with those fucking positive traits is overshadowed by approximately 128 stupid fucking Asian cunts who need to be beaten to death with an aluminum (or aluminium) bat.

Let’s put this in a Cliff’s Notes format, as many of you can only understand things if it involved trigonometry or with quantitative comparisons:

1. Males hate being left in suspense.  We like to look at things logically.  We don’t try to rationalize with our fucking emotions, like what you fucking cuntbags all do.

2. If you don’t like us, say so.

3. Who cares if you offend?  I’m offending you right now, aren’t I?  It’s better to tell the truth than to perpetuate a fucking falsehood.

I’m not meant to love, I know.  If a motherfucking asexual lifestyle is what awaits me, then come at me (no pun intended) with everything you got, you little shit.

I’m getting tired of a lot of things in life lately.

So much for me thinking I could give Asian girls a chance this year…they are still fucking stupid.

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[137] SMH for the 9001st time

So I was hoping to enter this new year with some newfound optimism.

And it turns out that it’s all unfounded.

Women are still impossible to figure out.

So, yet again, I give up.

Story of my life, folks…

And the answer to this question is “yes” obviously…you already know…